Original Kull Spaetzle-Schwob (Spaetzle...


Original Kull Spaetzle-Schwob- noodle makers


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Price: $69.50

  • Highly polished, round hole shape, heavy duty rust free aluminum, NOT dishwasher safe!
  • For the preparation of noodles after original Swabian prescription - in minutes!
  • Also for mashed potatoes, vegetables, spaghetti ice cream. KULL Quality - MADE IN GERMANY.
  • With the patented removable handle, easy to clean and easy to use. High-quality, robust and durable.
  • NEW and in original packaging / 2 years warranty / incl. Spaetzle recipe in English!

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Original Kull Spaetzle-Schwob “noodle makers”, MADE IN SWABIA, for round spaetzle, spaghetti ice cream and mashed potatoes pasta maker machine reviews a 5 star. Heavy duty die cast aluminium highly polished. Incl. Spaetzle recipe in English language. Not for use in dishwasher! ***** Recipe for Spaetzle (Fresh Noodles) ***** To server 2 to 3 portions mix: 1 cup flour (1/4 lb.), 1/3 to 1/2 cup of water or milk, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon salt. Beat well with spoon or hand mixer till batter shows air-bubbles. 1. Rinse press with COLD water before filling (also rinse before refilling, when making lager quantities). 2. Press batter slowly into 3 quarts of boiling SALTED water, holding the press 2 to 3 inches for SHORT noodles or 4 to 5 inches for LONG noodles above the boiling water. 3. As soon as noodles rise to the top, drain well and rinse in hot or cold water. After use RINSE (Spaetzle Press / Maker) immediately with cold water.- NOT dishwasher safe! Never put press on hot plate.

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  • Rakesh says:

    I am originally from Austria, and such thin cereps are known there as Palatschinken.Palatschinken are made from a batter as shown in the video, except one usually does not use semolina, but regular all-purpose flour. Palatschinken usually are VERY thin, and they are served rolled up and filled either sweet (various preserves, vanilla cream, etc) or savory (ham, cheese, etc).Palatschinken can also be cut into thin noodles (I usually use left-over ones), and served in a clear broth as soup. Such a soup is known in Austria as Frittatensuppe. You will find it in most restaurants.If you google “Palatschinken” or “Frittatensuppe,” you will find recipes and images.Chef John, from a fan of yours, many thanks for numerous inspiring recipes! – Wolfgang

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