Fante's Grandma Nadia's Pasta Drying...


Fante’s Grandma Nadia’s Pasta Drying Rack



Price: $27.99

  • Pasta drying rack
  • Made of beechwood
  • Removable dowel rods makes it easy to transport pasta from the drying rack
  • Space-saving design folds for storage
  • Easy assembly; assembled rack measures 16 x 12 x 16-inches

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Fante’s Grandma Nadia Pasta Drying Rack. This beechwood pasta drying rack is ideal for large quantities of past dough drying or freezing. The removable dowel rods  make it easy to transport pasta to and from the drying rack and  you can remove each bar and drape the pasta neatly over it . With  space saving design the rack can be folds for quick and easy storage. Also easy to  assemble made By Fante’s – since 1906. Rack measures 16 x 12 16-inches.. Fante’s is a renowned Philadelphia pasta making tradition. It is nationally acknowledged as one of the finest in the housewares industry.  Famous chefs and cook book writers make it a point to stop at the original Italian Market store when in Philadelphia, and you’ll find Fante’s listed as a resource in many of their books. Fante’s – a trusted kitchen ware source for good quality and good value.

Pasta maker machine reviews- if you are not making pasta for a group larger than 3-4, or are otherwise not planning on taking it directly from the roller to boiling water, you will need a good pasta rack/dryer unless you have large counter space. If you attempt to accumulate your pasta in a ‘pile’ before cooking, you will get a big blob of pasta-ish dough and you will need to completely re-roll it. Laying the pasta in a flat, single layer, is an option.. Howerver a pasta drying rack is an ideal answer just  hang the pasta for a few minutes to a couple of hours until you are ready to boil it.


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