Fante's Cousin Emily's Pasta Drying...


Fante’s Cousin Emily’s Pasta Drying Rack



Price: $24.00 before discount

  • Pasta drying rack
  • Made of lovely and durable beechwood
  • A Fante family Italian cooking essential
  • Simply hang fresh strands of pasta on rack before cooking
  • Measures 11-1/2 by 14 by-3/4-Inch; see coordinating Fante's Family Italian cooking tools; sold separately

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Fante’s Cousin Emily’s Pasta Drying Rack, 11-1/2 by 14 by 3/4-Inch. Make and dry your homemade pasta the true Italian way. Hang strands of freshly cut pasta evenly on the rack to keep them from sticking together before cooking. Instructions for preserving your own pasta for future use, dry strands thoroughly and freeze in an airtight container-or-remove strands from the rack while they’re still pliable and form into nests which take up less space in the freezer. Drying time will vary depending on type and thickness of the pasta and amount of humidity in the air. Sets up quickly and folds flat for compact storage (11-1/2 x 14 x 3/4-Inch). Wipe with a clean, dry cloth-do not immerse in water. Use the box for convenient storage between uses. For over 100 years, the extended Fante’s family has lived, worked and most importantly, cooked and eaten in the heart of Philadelphia’s historic Italian market. Years of experience helped to create their signature line of Italian cookware where old school craftsmanship and today’s technology come together in a collection of favorites that would make generations of Fante’s very proud. They hope to inspire you and your family to gather, to cook and to enjoy a wonderful pasta meal.Fante’s Cousin Emily’s Pasta Drying Rack, 11-1/2 by 14 by 3/4-Inch.

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