Cucina Pro 515 Pasta Drying Rack



Price: $19.99

  • Allows air to circulate to dry homemade pasta
  • Up to 12-feet of drying space
  • Traditional unfinished wood
  • Removable dowels
  • Wipe clean with dry or damp cloth

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Cucina Pro 515 Pasta Drying Rack allows air to circulate around noodles, allowing them to dry significantly faster than lying flat. Provides up to 12 feet of compact hanging space to dry your homemade pasta a pasta maker machine reviews good idea. All natural wood, removable dowels. With the Pro 515 Pasta Drying Rack you can remove the sticks from the top, then you can to hold them under the pasta cutter and thus letting the pasta drape directly onto the stick. Then just place the stick back on the top of the rack and let the drying begin. this is a large pasta drying rack.

Conclusion Rating
4 stars

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