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Atlas Marcato Electric Pasta Machine and Pizza Making Package


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Price: $999

  • Motorized pasta package with everything you need!
  • Mixer, dough sheeter, 6 pasta attachments, ravioli, pizza!!
  • Drying rack also included in the package
  • Perfect absolutely delightful gift for any pasta lover!
  • Made in Italy by Atlas Marcato

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Atlas Marcato Electric Pasta Machine and Pizza Making Package – now available The new 3 Facile Line, joining tradition and practicality in its Pasta Mixer, Pasta Fresca and Pasta & Pizza and all accessories.  Marcato’s Made in Italy with long experience in the manufacture of manual pasta machines is now introducing it’s electric pasta making line. This complete pasta making package combines the tradition of homemade pasta with the ease and simplicity of  preparation so that you can make 6 types of pasta, PLUS ravioli, PLUS pizzas in just a few minutes. This new 3 Facile Line appliance includes an electric mixer, the “Misurone” (measuring cup) and 7 accessories for Lasagne, Tagliolini, Fettuccine, Capelli d’Angelo, Spaghetti and Trenette. A Ravioli making attachment is also INCLUDED!!.. In the package you will find recipes, instructions and advice for: pasta, biscuits, bread, pizza, piadine, doughnuts, bagels, tortillas, pretzels, grissini and crackers. This package also includes an extra large 8.5″ !!(220 mm!!) flat roller unit and a special pizzaround cutter to quickly make rounds of individual pizzas. You even get a pasta drying rack to hang all your delicious fresh pasta on included as well. All electric unit and as well as all the features the atlas line including the wellness rollers, which do not release any harmful metallic residue for total “wellness”. Wellness for healthy cooking and healthy living. What else could we need? Made in Italy  Atlas Marcato Electric Pasta Machine and Pizza Making Package

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