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Welcome to Pasta Machines, Noodle Machines, Spaghetti Maker, & More I like cooking and home made pasta,or noodles is really the foundation of a great meal. I made this website to help others enjoy making home made pasta using pasta and noodle machines that make it easier. I looked for machines and makers that have high ratings, and reviews, along with great deals. I really hope you like the website save some time and save money! Prices Given Are Regular Price Find Out How Much You Can Save.


Price: $6.99 before discount

Norpro Pastry and Ravioli Wheel

112 Grip-EZ Norpro Pastry and Ravioli Wheel. This double-headed pastry wheel cuts the pasta as it rolls has  both a  flat and fluted wheel. Also  ideal for cutting all types of pastries and...


Price: $27.99

Fante’s Grandma Nadia’s Pasta Drying Rack

Fante's Grandma Nadia Pasta Drying Rack. This beechwood pasta drying rack is ideal for large quantities of past dough drying or freezing. The removable dowel rods  make it easy to transport pasta...


Price: $99.99 before discount

Kitchen Aid Pasta Cutter Attachment


Kitchen Aid KPCA Pasta Cutter Set Attachment Process a batch of dough into fresh pasta with ease. The Thick Noodle Cutter and the Angel Hair Pasta Cutter attachments cut pasta dough sheets into...


Price: $69.95 before discount

Metro Pasta Machines Italian Style


Make your own delicious home made pasta using Metro Pasta Machines Italian Style spaghetti machine that also can be used for fettuccini. No need to go to a restrant have it anytime with this...